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Reawakening the geometric period
The latest trend is to re-awaken the geometric period – as observed at the Power House -  but it is the landscape painters who may need to worry. With all the paper invites left on the arts page desk it has become obvious that trees are under threat. Surely the Cezanne followers must soon have a revival; before it is too late.
Supernova – Constellations  at the The Power House
First Impression
Is this Art Explosion merely a Damp Squib?
To be honest the visual emotions spurted out at the entrance then spluttered and splintered without a tear in the very large room.
Having done my stint of geometric abstraction with the Cypriote Syllabary Series in the  early seventies and vividly remembering hearing  Victor Pasmore giving a lecture at Bretton Hall in the fifties and viewing the avante guard at the ICA during that same exciting time I looked for new developments and was  totally impressed with the work of Haluk Akakce.
To quote Caroline Douglas
" Haluj Akakce’s work Blind Date employs an ideologically white on white language. The work’s smooth scrolling down the screen is like the perpetual motion of a Patemaster lift; the endlessly mutating geometric reliefs which emerge and retreat from the milky white ground recall the early White Reliefs of Ben Nicholson, or the pierced faAade of Corbusier’s chapel at Ronchamp. There is a constant interplay of positive and negative spatial values, a playing with perceptual depth and flatness, all the while maintaining a kind of hallucinatory rolling motion which forces the viewer to bring their own associations to the forms.
Akakce’s animations begin life as drawings and paintings before the final stage in which he works with a professional animator to create the digital version. The visual texture of the animations is familiar from computer games and pop videos, and this reclamation of a form of contemporary popular culture creates a new format language or gallery based art. Where Blind Date it its scale and form has architectural reference, Mr Butterfly is more like an animated painting. Intended to be shown either on a plasma screen or as a small projection, the work rehearses multiple series of formal variations, based on a doubling, mirroring and opening out of geometric shapes.  Solid forms appear to throw pale grey shadows, and one is momentarily reminded of the slow gyrations of Calder mobiles, until the shadows themselves take on the character of solid matter. Both works are defined by a fluidity, on absolute mutability in terms of material. The animated forms of Mr Butterfly are alternately smooth and matt, or seductively shiny: the white ground accrues an illusory depth, or snaps back to absolute flatness, according to the choreography of the forms upon it.
Unlike the resolved simplicity of Blind Date. there is a complexity in the repetitive unfolding of Mr Butterfly which, in spite of its hallucinatory pace, seems to strain towards the mathematical progressions of Bach variations. "
These two works are brilliant. More later.

Rodica’s view of transformation
Reflections    Opus 39 last week
Opening speech by Daphne Trimikliniotis, artist, President of the Chamber of Fine Arts, Cyprus at the exhibition of Paintings, Lithographs and Etchings by Rodica Lomnasan at Opus Gallery
"We live in the era of transformation characterised by contradictions, uncertainties and wonders. Change is part of who we are today.
Since the collapse of the ‘Iron Curtain’ and the demise of the cold war, there has been a boost in the momentum for European Union integration and eastwards enlargement. In this alienatory encounter, Cyprus meet Romania as EU newcomers and partners in the construction of a new Europe. The challenge for us all as Europeans is whilst respecting diversity and particularity, we are called upon to go beyond our narrow national ways of life, history, traditions and cultures: to reach out, understand, learn and exchange experiences to shape a common, open but real world. Trying at least to imagine such a world is making space to getting there.
Cyprus and Romania, both new EU members, are facing similar situations; they are both going through processes of change and adaptation and have developed a new relationship between them; Cypriots and Romanians can learn from each other.
As the president of the chamber of fine arts of Cyprus, E.K.A.T.E, I would like to emphasize, that the fundamental objective of the Chamber, is the promotion of Art, and the encouragement of artistic creation in all sectors, as well as recognizing and appreciating Art when we come across it, as in the case of Rodica’s work
Rodica was was born in Sibiu, Romania. She studied Art at the University of Fine Art in Bucharest, and she has been a member of the Professional Artists Association of Romania since 1996. Since graduating from the University in 1994, she has had quite a number of solo exhibitions in various countries, she has been repeatedly selected by international panels and judges to participate in exhibitions in various galleries across Europe.
Rodica was awarded a number of prizes, such as "The Young Dominus" Prize for lithography in 1995, in Bucharest,from Curental newspaper in Bucharest in 1997, from St Lucas Foundation in 1999 and a bursary from Klara Tamas foundation in New York 2001-002
Rodica has been living in Cyprus for the last three years. There’s absolute freedom of expression in the lines and shapes in her pictures. The images and characters are presented in such a way, as if seen through the innocent eyes of a child. They’re imaginative, colourful and delightful.
This is what she has to say about her work and her life in Cyprus.
"For me Cyprus is a place where I would like to continue to find myself, my soul and other ways to express my art. What really inspires me in Cyprus is the fascinating forms of nature, old Byzantine architecture, the feeling of stability and a rich history."


Demosthenes Kolokasides  at Kypriaki Gonia, Larnaca

Continuing until 7th July.
Demosthenes Kolokasidis was born in Athens where he lived during his childhood, then he returned with his family to Cyprus. After his graduation from the Lyceum he continued his studies in Switzerland and then in England where he graduated from the Faculty of Good Arts of Bristol and did postgraduate studies in typography.
Dr Nadia Anaxagorou commented on his work last week, and how right she was in her assessment, appreciation and praise. As I was down in Larnaca (two and a half hours on our  intercity expresses) for the opening of the Cyprus College of Art in Mehmet Ali Street (more next week) there was just time to squeeze in a visit to Kypriai Gonia.
What a beautiful Alladin’s Cave of delights! From real gold to unused condoms the rooms shook with visual and tactile excitement. Brilliant combinations of found and made materials.  
During the exhibition period his work can be seen by visiting the gallery’s web page (



Prison inmates exhibit at House of Representatives

Oscar wrote well in prison. Our very best painter did a stint in U.K. So one is never surprised at these annual specials. Solitude is a friend of the artist. This year the standard is exceptionally high again. The Chinese don’t exactly take over the show as they did a couple of years ago and there is a most definite revival in geometric abstraction. A few of these could well replace a couple from Constellation at The Power House,
This year the different emotions aroused by similar subjects was most moving. Far away places, boats leaving the harbour; Kyrenia and Famagusta.  Individual artists often showed a considerable range and one artist who surely  is as good as anyone in town proved to have a highly complex  personality  – from  neat disciplined abstracts,  clear, precise figuration, to just a  smudge of deep, deep feeling.  Design – which unfortunately plagues our commercial art-world - had all been thrown out of the windows,  thank heavens.      



Maskarada anniversary performance
MASKARADA is the title given to a dance spectacular, promising evenings of pulsating rhythms and energetic dance for all to contemplate.
This is Nadia Nicolaides vision for a dance performance of extraordinary intrigue to celebrate 40 years of dance since the establishment of the Dance Academy.
Over 100 dances of all ages and nationalities have been assembled as well as senior performers (London West End) in character roles.
The artistic direction, concept and design are by Nadia Nicolaides. An amazing blend of all dance styles is choreographed by Natalie Nicolaides, Sharon Montague and Nadine Haddad. Music Theatre Direction by Linda Economides. The innovative scenery is by George Papadopoulos -Technoscene and other known artists of the cultural scene of the island.
The performance will take place at the Pattichion Theatre on July 5t,6 and 7 at 8.30 pm under the auspices of the Mayor and is dedicated to the town of Limassol.
Join them to celebrate the timeless Language of Dance through this magical journey of music and dancing pulse!
The performance is supported by the Friends of Dance Cultural Association.
Main Media Sponsor: Phileleftheros
Communication Sponsors: CyBC, Cyprus Weekly, Capital
Sponsors: Eka group, Home IQ Furniture, Home IQ Gallery, Atlas Capital Financial Services Ltd.
 Homage to Diamantis 
Opus Gallery
The gallery was packed with genuine art lovers for this
presentation of an album of reproductions of paintings by Adamantios Diamantis, in a limited edition.
Due to the fact that Adamantios Diamantis work is very rare to be found, the family of Alecos Diamantis (his son) decided to produce this album, of six prints in a limited  edition, signed by the son.
You can acquire prints in September when the Nicosia Galleries are open again.



Garth Frost        
 Gloria Gallery

This superb exhibition closes, Saturday June 30.
It is an excellent exhibition with strong work, symbolic in a very powerful way.  Astonishing powers of force created through simple forms whose surface  textures (both oil and acrylic is used)  pulsate with rhythms of great beauty and a classical stoic calm. 


The Vasilis Mitas exhibition at Diachroniki Gallery, Ledras, Nicosia  continues until the Saturday, June 30. It is entitled Beautiful People. And rightly so.
The next exhibition at Glorias is of paintings by Dr Nicos Angelides and opens on Wednesday at 8 pm continuing until July 14..
Net income will be donated to the Red Cross home for Sick  Children.
Thalassa. A huge exhibition based on the sea at Gallery K has already opened and will continue until the July 31. At least 30 entries for this water marathon. Oil too.  More later. 


Photo captions:

1:  FINE WORK: Rodica Lomnasan who showed at Opus earlier in the month

2:  FEATHERED: Demosthenes Colocassides at Kypriaki Gonia

3:  Paintings by prison inmates



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