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07 september 2006

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Jennifer Harding and Geoff Rigden at Kypriaki Gonia

After the perceptive comments by Dr Michael Paraskos, Henry Moore Fellow at the University of Leeds, last week the Arts Page is now pleased to give more information on Jennifer Harding and Geoffrey Rigden, who will be having an exhibition at Kypriaki Gonia Gallery,45 Stadium Street, Larnaca from September 14-30.

The exhibition will be opened by the Minister of Education and Culture Pefkios Georgiades on Thursday, August 14, at 8pm.

Jennifer Harding was born in 1956 in Fordingbridge, Hampshire.

She studied at Salisbury College of Art, then at Canterbury College of Art, where Stass Paraskos was Head of the Painting Department.

She completed the Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Paphos in 1979.

In 1983, she was awarded a scholarship by the Greek Ministry of Education and spent a year working independently in the studios at the School of Fine Art in Athens.

She has worked part-time at the National Theatre, London, at the Museum of London, and, at the British Institute of Archaeology, Ankara, Turkey. More recently she has held part-time posts in academic libraries including the London School of Economics and the Royal College of Art.

Jennifer has participated in many studio exhibitions in London and in group exhibitions.

Solo exhibitions include 1984 the British Council, Athens (supported by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sciences) and, in 2000, the Hellenic Centre, London, showing Landscapes of Paphos, and accompanying "Cyprus the Holy Island" exhibitions of icons.

Jennifer is currently engaged in writing a study of the work of Costas Economou

Geoff Rigden was born in Cheltenham, Gloucester, in 1943 and studied at Somerset College of Art and the Royal College of Art, London 1963-66.

For many years he was a Visiting Lecturer at universities and colleges throughout the UK, including Reading University, Winchester School of Art, St Martins School of Art and Chelsea School of Art, London.

He has taken part in innumerable group exhibitions such as the 1965 John Moores Liverpool (prizewinner), 1977 Tolly Cobold (prizewinner), 1979 Summer Show 2, at the Serpentine Gallery, London and the "Paintings from the Collection of Sir Anthony Caro", in Oxford in 1996.

In 1979 and 1982 Geoff was awarded a grant from Greater London Arts, in 1983 from the Elephant Trust, London and in 1986 from the Pollock Krasner Foundation, New York.


Tracy Emin

THERE was an error on this page last week. Kakia Catselli Trachoniti is exhibiting at this very moment in Open 2006, with her "Foam Birth" which is at the Venice Lido, not the Biennale.

The 52nd Venice Biennale (June, 2007) is, of course, this coming summer.

There is still a Cypriot connection, however.

Tracy Emin has been chosen to represent Britain and her Dad lives up north – in Cyprus.

Tracy will produce new work for the British Pavilion. She will be only the second woman to make a solo show for the Venice Biennale’s British pavilion since it began in 1937.

Rachel Whiteread was the first, in 1997.’

You will all of heard of Tracy with her "My Bed" which was Turner Prize nominated. Earlier, Tracy, had a Tent in an exhibition on which was embroidered the names of "Everyone I have ever Slept With".

At her exhibition in Oxford, she exhibited some paintings which you or I would have completed. There was also a handwritten letter about her dad. Also a huge PIER which filled a whole gallery space and had a room on it which could have been her own. I think she lived in Margate.

In a remarkable coincidence, there was a PIER on display in a gallery in Nicosia. It was not by Tracy and may have been a clone but looked all neat and shaved.

Tracy’s PIER was REAL.

First International Women Artists Annual

THOUGHTS and Art Works are on show in Amman, capital of Jordan for the month of September.

Rhea Bailey is representing Cyprus,and is showing two oil pastels.

Information has been sent by Dr.Arafat al-Naim.

He says: "The first international Woman artists Annual – Thoughts & Art Works is made up of more than 50 works on paper, paintings and pastels by 22 women artists from 16 countries, among which are Cyprus, Italy, Greece, South Korea, Salvador, Iran, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Armenia, Pakistan and Jordan

"The exhibition is a close cooperation between Dr. Arafat Al-Naim, Artist Educator, Initiator and Curator of International Art Projects from one side and Bandak Art Gallery, Amman Director and Manager MrIhsan Bandak from the other side.

"The project has been established to encourage and support women artists to increase their artistic activities and have a more active and constructive role among the art movement. As well as to develop public awareness and recognition of women’s art and culture, and to document women’s contribution to visual arts.

"The exhibited art depicts a range of ideas that have defined the state of women in art today, and express the participants relationships to global issues, understandings of the world and responsibilities for maintaining and reproducing their culture."

Dr Arafat includes information by Professor Saleh Abu-Osba

"This women’s group show is an embodiment of a superior human vision, comprising the work of 22 Arab and foreign artists representing 16 countries. Their work is an Aesthetic Assortment that very genuinely represents the intercultural interaction – the artists come from diverse age groups and approaches but at the same time there is one message that is expressed in their works; Art broadens human insight through leaving deep marks on the spirit and the universe.

"The works displayed in the show are characterised by their ability to reflect human feeling and to embody the human dream in diverse styles,lines, colours and approaches.

"This show is not merely feminine due to its nature, but also due to the high level of intimacy of expressing the personal, national and human issues; at the same time it puts forth some aesthetic visions in which the colours play a major role in capturing the visitor’s attention. It covers some distinctive perspectives on the world, reflected in colours that express life’s joy and agony, a whole spectrum of talents at their highest point of achievement and accomplishment."


Another Open Studio

THE Geoff May studio has opened in Limassol. Geoff has been painting in Cyprus since early 2004 and has exhibited his work in galleries and exhibitions in Limassol and Nicosia, but now he is able to display his work in his own gallery in the old town of Limassol.

After studying art and design in London, Geoff embarked on a career with international charities working in international development, which spanned some 35 years and took him to over 50 countries around the world.

"I have been fortunate to have travelled and worked in some amazing countries in Africa, Asia, The Americas as well as Europe. I have seen, smelt and touched these places and met some wonderful people in my life".

The impressions he gained during this time had an enormous influence on his style and appreciation of the diversity of humanity. He interprets these through the medium of acrylic, creating images of life in texture, colours and light. His work has a sculptural quality, making his nudes and portraits appear to be carved from stone.

The figures appear almost surrealistic, forming sensuous shapes and movement. His work is a reflection of the images of humanity that had such a deep impression on his life.

His work exemplifies the meeting of nature and the human form. Images of humanity transposed on to canvas through his imagination, emotions and technique. His unique style is also reflected in his landscapes and nature studies.

The Geof May Studio is open Monday to Saturday or by appointment and can be found at 9b Enoseos Street, Limassol. 25342563, mobile: 99006578

Marina Kassianidou Gloria Gallery

This beautiful exhibition by Marina Kassianidou, at Gloria Gallery will be opened by Dr Stavros Zenios, Professor at the University of Cyprus on Wednesday, September 13 and will continue until the 29th of the month.


Alexandros Tassou

ALEXANDROS Tassou presents his first personal exhibition of paintings, sculptures and artwork until 11th September at Kypriaki Gonia, Larnaca.

The exhibition is titled The Spirit of Apollon.

Orpheus Gallery’s Summer Exhibition

Orpheus Gallery" summer exhibition, until September 30, includes works by Colombian artist Luis Guzman and emerging Cypriot artist Alexis Vayianos.

Both artist are taking part in the Orpheus Summer exhibition until September 30th September and along side are well known Cypriot artists George Erotokritou, George Gerondides, Panikos Tsangara and international artists Jeron Geronomides (Brazil), Miriam McConnon (Ireland) and many more.

The exhibition includes works of original paintings, original and limited edition sculpture and glass

Mon/Wed & Sat 10am -1.30pm

Tues/ Thu & Fri 10am-1pm& 5pm– 7pm.

Open Studios

MORE than forty artists from the Paphos region have agreed to open their studios and workplaces to the public during the first four weekends of September.

Not every artist in the eastern end of the island is participating but there are talents galore with the excellent illustrated guide of artists and locations saying that many of them enjoy an international reputation.

They also come from many ‘different backgrounds and cultures to make the event truly cosmopolitan’.

Artists from across the Paphos region are opening their studios to the public from 10am until 6 pm. on September 9-10, 16-17 and 23-24.

As most artists are only opening their studios on certain weekends – allowing them for time to visit each other (some are opening every weekend) please check to see that each studio is open when you want to visit..


There is an excellent guide

Try the organisers:

Nic Costa 26933356, Sue Harding 26221301, David Lester 26621130, Mary Beth Trotter 99752687, Marina Zach 99699380.

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