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Nicos Nicolaides  1884–1956

REMEMBERING  Nicos Nicolaides - Fifty Years Since His Death, is a superb exhibition at the House of Letters and Arts, Limassol until November 9.
It will transfer to the Laiki Group’s Cultural Centre on the 14th of the month, continuing until December 4.
As written by Dr Eleni S. Nikita – who opened the Limassol exhibition – and , indeed  has provided the art world with a beautiful book on this great artist,  "Nicos Nicolaides was, in essence, a self-taught painter."
His knowledge of art was acquired  through the study of Byzantine art, museum exhibits and through  a careful observation of the world around him.
That is why in his better, more mature, moments, his paintings possess the authenticity of a uniquely idiosyncratic style.
Amongst the selection of paintings acquired for this "Remembering" exhibition, are works of his beloved Cairo and elsewhere on the Middle East, as well as some remarkable portraits and also paintings of  Cyprus.   

Tanimanides  at Apocalypse
A BRILLIANT exhibition by an artist from Greece who has made such an impression here in this decade.
The artist also created the magnificent interior designs for the Central Bank.
In his new work, Eros meets Power (Structure), as if the twain have always been well met.
Superb work.
Prices very reasonable for such great work.

Open Studios, the original
"OPEN Studios", the unique visual arts festival of the capital, has reopened its doors for 10 days.
Greek and Turkish Cypriot artists welcome the public into their studios.
Visit them and get a real taste of the world of art and the old town of Nicosia.
How great to find this most positive of exhibitions still going on Saturday, November 4 & 11. A walking tour into the Cypriot artists’ studios with the artist Nicholas Panayi. Starting point Kyrenia Municipality Building, near Ledra Palace.
Friday, November 3 & 10, 5pm–7pm. Walking tours into the artists’ studios. Starting points from Eleftheria Square and  Saray Square.
Saturday, November 4, 7pm-midnight. An experimental-artistic street event entitled  ‘Biogenetic Mechanico - Of Ruinous Blast’ will happen at the Anexitilon art & design studio of the artist Savvas Koureas. The purpose of the event will be the presentation of the avant- garde and cross-active artistic work of the artist, with the aid of live underground electronic music, and multimedia.
Sunday,  November 5, 7pm. Presentation-lecture by two artists at the Goethe Institute, part of the Art-Aware Pogramme.  Artists:  Sofia Hadjipapa and  Osman Kelen.
Monday, November 6, 8pm-10pm. Opening night of exhibition (6-13/11)  by German artist Horst Weierstall A video installation entitled "close distance," informed and inspired by the multi-cultural situation and emigrants of Cyprus. It includes a range of videos made in collaboration with the Iranian theatre director Hooman Shabahang. On opening and closing night there will be a solo performance under the title "Cocoon" with the actress Narges Abdi, also from Iran.
Sunday,  November 12 , 7.30pm-10pm.
Final party at the Arabahmet Cultural Centre in the Turkish Cypriot quarter where artists will show and talk  about their wok.
Maps are available at a kiosk in Eleftheria Square and Saray Square, the CTO office in Laiki Yitonia, and at the office of EKATE, 7 Achilleos Street, tel 22 466426.
For further information: Organiser Argyro Toumazou 99 317278.
A total of 22 artists are participating: Efi Andrianou, Stella Angelidou, Adi Atassi, Martin Meason, Ayhatun Atesin, Lia Boyiatzi, Sevcan Cerkez, Sinem Ertaner, Andreas Charalambous, Christos Christou, Pola Hadjipapa-McCammon, Angela Evangelou, Panayiotis Gregoriou, Nilgun Guney, Koula Kalvari, Stefanos Karampampas, Eleni Povi-Karavioti, Osman Ketan, Savvas Koureas, Fatos Miralay, Nicholas Panayi, Toprak, Maria Vasileou, Maria Yiannoura, Munevver Tantura.

Together again
LAST day for the joint Votsis/Paraschos exhibition at  Gallery Morphi, Limassol.
Could have been Vincent and Paul, Francis and Lucian, Andy W and Basquith, David and Goliath!
Well, in this enigmatic show, Stelios Votsis has done the drawings while Stass Paraschos has filled in with colour and it is the right way round. It works – for a while.
I’m getting tired of those haloes.

Press release from Alpha Gallery
ALPHA Gallery has a show by the American artist  Juan Carlos Valencia.
It is entitled Instant Chromatics and opened on Wednesday.
The exhibition is organised in association with the Hellenic American Union in Greece and is taking place on the occasion of the opening of the Hellenic America Union’s branch in Cyprus.
Among the organisation’s aims is to increase the cultural exchanges between Cyprus, Greece and the United States.
Juan Carlos Valencia was born in 1971.
In 1989 he began his studies in art and fashion at the Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.
He continued his studies in 1993 in painting and sculpture at the Ecole Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris. In 1995, he entered the studio of the Greek sculptor Aristides Patsoglou, in Paris, and participated in a number of projects.
He has exhibited his work in numerous group and solo exhibitions in the United States and Europe.
The paintings of Juan Carlos Valencia are characterised by his choice of a neo-pop idiom, since the artist relies on the appropriation of the style and the "second hand" imagery familiar to us from pop art.
The themes of Valencia’s sculptures are animals, primarily dogs and birds, which are portrayed as symbols of strength, freedom and liveliness.
 Sensual female forms, shown via selected detail of the focus of their sexuality – lips, nipples, limbs – women smokers, threatening revolvers, forms engaged in dialogue with animals, these are what make up the primary thematic areas of Valencia’s painting.
These themes seem, in turn, to spring from the customary domains of pop art: advertising, comic strips, and cinema.
Flat and lively colours create the central motive against a white canvas background, untreated  and devoid of any other clues, while drops and clusters of spots produce an illusion of movement, swinging to and fro against a level backdrop.
Until  November  11, corner of Makarios Ave and Papanicola Street, Nicosia (Hilton area).
Opening hours are Monday –Saturday 11am-7.30pm.

Pebbles and Puddles
KEITH Walker shows his latest work at Forza 9 Gallery in Polis Chrysochous.
The opening is on Friday, November 10 and the exhibition will run for two weeks until November 24.
Keith Walker’s latest project is called "Pebbles and Puddles".
Inspired by beach pebbles and mine pools found in the Polis Chrysochous area, the artist created a series of mixed media works executed in an abstract expressive style.
About his work the artist states: "Collecting  pebbles, minerals and fossils has been an interest since childhood. Their shapes, colours, patterns, texture and form give continuing pleasure and readily translate into compositions in paint. 
"Certain qualities will  dominate and determine the approach, with the composition being built up in layers allowing chance elements to inform further development.
"Similarly, the reflective qualities and translucency of water give wonderful opportunities for playing and experimenting with the process"
Keith Walker has lived in Cyprus for almost 20 years.
Three years ago, he retired from full-time art teaching to open his own gallery in Lasa village near Phyti in the Paphos district.
His work ranges from abstract oil and mixed media paintings to nude studies in pastel, chalk and charcoal.
He was one of the 43 artists taking part in last September’s Open Studios (in the Paphos District) and had had exhibitions in Cyprus at Paradise Place in Pomos, the Art & Wild Nature Foundation Gallery in Kallepia, En Plo in Paphos Harbour, Techni  Art School in Paphos and recently in Art Gallery Kinotos 3000 in Polis.
Forza Gallery opened its doors this spring in the heart of Polis Chrysochos aiming to create a cultural platform where innovative artists can present their work to local and foreign residents, tourists and – through digital media – to other galleries  and cultural centres in Cyprus and abroad.
The interaction that results from exhibiting their work will help artists to further expand their scope  and the audience has a chance to experience the diverse, trend-setting and creative activities of the cultural scene in Cyprus.
 Forza is open everyday from 10am-2pm and 5pm-8pm.

Paschalis Anastasi  at Diachroniki Gallery
PASCHALIS studied art and design in England at Loughborough College of Art.
A frequent visitor to galleries in London, Paris and Florence, he has worked for many years as a portrait artist, a discipline that earned him an exceptional mastery of drawing.
Diachroniki Gallery is almost opposite Debenhams, just off Ledra Street, Nicosia.
Continuing until  November 28.

More and more openings.
SHORT sessions for shows as if all our art is going out of style.
The rush is rather frightening for artists who have spent weeks in their studios getting to grips with meaningful work. Anastasia Chrysanthou‘s exhibition was opened by Andreas Ladommatos at Opus 39 earlier in the week but closes on  the 11th of the month.
Glafkos Koumides appears to be on his top form at Gallery Argo, continuing  until.  November 18.
Must see.
Demetris Michlis exhibits at Gloria’s  from today. Hurry.
Excellent exhibition of figurative paintings by Savvas Georgiades continues at C.K. Art Gallery. Also with  Alexandrakis Alexandraki (1913- 1969) at Gallery k.
 It is close to Guy Fawkes Day,  but Evangelia Koymidou has her Christmas exhibition soon, November 10 –12 at Hilton Park Hotel. More next week.
Could this page have more information on the sculpture exhibition at Ayia Varvara please?
There are some  very good conceptual bits and pieces if you search  individual studios.
News on this (the pieces belong to each other) later in the month.

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